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Theresa Toth

Stott Pilates® Certified Instructor

PRONatal Fitness® Specialist


Hey! I'm Theresa.

Welcome to Pilates Origins.


 I discovered the POWER of Pilates when I became a mom. After my pregnancies, I tried all different forms of fitness to get back in shape. They all helped, but pilates spoke to me in a way that was different.


It helped me regain strength in my core in a way I had never felt before and toned the rest of my body without stressing out my joints. My muscles felt longer, looked leaner and kept me flexible and energized! ​


After numerous years of practice, I became a Stott Pilates instructor to help others benefit from the value of pilates. Years later I became certified as a PRONatal fitness trainer to specialize in working with postpartum clients to help them achieve their goals and regain a sense of self starting from the inside out. 

My Mommy & Me classes bring new moms together and create a sense of community. My virtual postpartum classes for those who can't be there in person but don't want to miss out. I want every mom to reap the benefits of pilates whether it's in the studio or in your own home. 

My Pilates 2.0 classes are for those ladies who want to take things to the next level. Whether you're a former M&M client or someone who just craves a challenge, this class is perfect for sculpting your body with an emphasis on your core & glutes.


Join me and see what pilates can do for you. I would love to share my passion! 

Woman kneeling on a yoga mat
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